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PAID Weapons Allocator for Retake (GARAYEV edit) 2021-01-10

This is edited version of MyWeaponallocator by shanapu with extra edit.

What is difference of this version from original:

  • Scout and AWP choise is on different menus. So if player wants to play with AWP but not with scount, he can easly manage it from !guns.
  • Deagle rounds can be managed by round counts too (on original version it is only by round chances)
  • XM1014 is removed
  • Added extra round type - Knife Rounds, can be enabled/disabled from config
  • AWP Priority: players with specified flag can have higher chance to get AWP in Rifle rounds.
These rounds will be set through two different modes:

Ascending rounds (mywa_rounds_chance 1) - first x rounds will be PISTOL, then x FORCEBUY rounds after that x FULLBUY rounds; Random rounds by chance (mywa_rounds_chance 0) - It's a random chance to play FULLBUY, FORCEBUY, PISTOL & DEAGLE rounds in no special order.

Take a look at the configuration for a better understanding.

Player can choose their preferred weapons for these rounds through !gun menu.

The plugin will give equipments (grenades, armor & kit) in these rounds based of the configured money, mode & max amount of grenades.

NOTE: If you want to add other round types, i can do it with extra payment.
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