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  1. Claudio-vip

    Closed Recalculation

    You have a topic special for these kind of things.No need to make topics for this. LOCKED.
  2. Claudio-vip

    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

  3. Claudio-vip

    Closed UNBAN

    Unbanned. Locked.
  4. Claudio-vip

    Info Zombie Escape Boss Fight

    He didn't say he will add,he just said that who wants music while playing boss fight he can go on youtube and put whatever music he wants.
  5. Claudio-vip

    Info Zombie Escape Boss Fight

    Didn't know that zif makes the updates xD
  6. Claudio-vip

    Closed Admin apply

    First of all you didn't make 50 Hours before applying,secondly your week activity is not so good also. Try to improve your activity and apply again when you will reach 50 hours on the server. Locked.
  7. Claudio-vip

    Closed Boss Damage

    For questions like this use this thread which is special for boss fight Don't make threads for such reasons. Locked.
  8. Claudio-vip

    Closed Problem

    Problem solved. Locked.
  9. Claudio-vip

    Closed Giveaway (Cancelled)

    From now,who wants to do a giveway will need to pay the prizes then to ask supports/owners to make a thread. Locked.
  10. Claudio-vip

    Problem cs

    Reinstall your cs
  11. Claudio-vip

    Closed Unban apply

    We probably wanted to give you 1 more chance but if you spam unban threads all over the forum and doing multiple accounts then we will give you nothing.You had to think better before trying to fool us that you were someone else on the server. NO UNBAN. !
  12. Claudio-vip

    I wish I could met his photo editor :cautious:

    I wish I could met his photo editor :cautious:
  13. Claudio-vip

    Happy birthday bro enjoy ur birthday :)

    Happy birthday bro enjoy ur birthday :)
  14. Claudio-vip

    too much troll

    If we take your suggestion into consideration the new players who most of them are not trollers will not join the server ever again if we ban them directly.Instead the new players are warn with slap and explain them clearly what they did wrong and most of the times they don't do that again.If...
  15. Claudio-vip

    Closed Is this some Troll ?

    We apologize for what happened,the admin didn't see the unban request which you made so that's why he banned you.He will be more careful next time. LOCKED.