zombie escape

  1. ziFaaaaah

    VIP GIVEAWAY - Competition by Paradise ~!~i and ziF/aaaaah

    Hello everybodyyyy Celebrating 50k damage on boss fight with 5 VIP's. Each winners get 1 month vip. How to Participate? Type anything under my Topic so your name is saved on the list. The giveaway is gonna end on 16/5/2021. next sunday at 10:00PM CET. VIP Admin (@Paradise ~!~i ) gonna choose...
  2. sky

    Info Zombie Escape level escapes distribution

    Currently max level is 50. Default Human speed is 250 , every levelup you gain +1 speed point , +1 armor point and +1 health point Default Zombie speed is 310 , first zombie have 16K hp if VIP then 20K , second zombies have 8K hp if VIP then 10K Level distribution: Every levelup u will see...
  3. sky

    Info Antiproxy whitelist request

    Here you can request your ip to be whitelisted on our antiproxy system. Link to double check your ip on our system: https://www.progaming.ba/pages/proxy-check/
  4. Sandman

    Closed Giveaway (Cancelled)

    PC is back bois!!! Let's hope giveaway is gonna be too:censored:
  5. sky

    Info Zombie Escape Boss Fight

    Updates for boss fight will be posted here HITBOX BONES Apr 10, 2021 UPDATE: - increased fight time from 7 to 8 minutes - increased time between enrages to 120 sec, before was 60 sec - boss damage is so defined now (probably will be balanced more) - slightly reduced boss speed also...
  6. sky

    Info Zombie Escape Updates

    Here i will post new updates so stay tuned. UPDATE Server > Forum: UPDATE Server: 27.04.2021 Introducing ACHIEVEMENTS - added achievements in 5 diferent sections (can be more later), every section has 5 upgrades (can be more later) with diferent goals and rewards: 1. BOSS WINS 2. BOSS...
  7. sky

    Info Forum and server accounts sync

    To sync your account do folowing: Go to server open your console and type account or in chat /account Copy (ctrl+c) your account id, in this case its: STEAM_0:1:23456789-test !!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!! IF YOUR NAME CONTAINS SOME SPECIAL CARACTERS LIKE %&/()!¨ OR SPACE THAT CARACTER WILL BE...
  8. †G͙A͙R͙A͙Y͙E͙V͙†

    Stick ProGaming.Ba Server IPs

    CS 1.6 Zombie Escape: ze.progaming.ba or ze.progaming.ba:27015 Retake #1: csgo.progaming.ba:27016 Retake #2: csgo.progaming.ba:27017 Retake #3: csgo.progaming.ba:27018 Deatmatch FFA: csgo.progaming.ba:27019 Arena 1v1: csgo.progaming.ba:27041 Execute: csgo.progaming.ba:27040 AWP ONLY...
  9. Claudio-vip

    Info Zombie Escape Data Recovery

    On this thread players can ask for their lost levels on Zombie Escape Server Model Example: Nickname:Claudio-vip Level:27 STEAMID:STEAM_0:0:123456789 Reason:Inactivaty Zombie Escape Staff