Zombie Escape Forum and Server Accounts Sync


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Just finished small upgrade on forum and server with ability to sync your escape account with forum account.
Now u can only sync those 2 accounts, later i will add many good features and commands.
To see your account id go to server and type /account

Any changes i will write here so stay tuned!

How to make this happend?

go to account then press account details

View attachment 34

under identities section "Zombie Escape account id"

View attachment 38

provide your account id and thats it, now u linked those two accounts.

if u success u will get this message on server:
View attachment 29

if not u will get this message:
View attachment 30

then double check your account id in your account details.
After adding your id on "account details / identities" you will not be able to edit that id anymore. So in case if you change cs, open support ticket for it.
Updates are comming...

To see your current id, go to account then about and under section contact is your account info.
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