How to join our Minecraft Survival server?


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Creating this thread just in case there is someone out there who has no experience with this game.

First off if you don't even have the game installed on your PC you can either:
1) Buy minecraft ($25) from official minecraft website:
2) Download it for free with TLauncher:

Next thing is the minecraft version, to join our server you have to use 1.16.5!

Once you have that figured out you have to go Multiplayer -> Add Server and than put our IP which is

Useful tip:
If you want to improve the game performance and boost your FPS you can download OptiFine from
Make sure you download the version that you wanna use on minecraft (in our case it's 1.16.5)!

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you cant play the famous online servers in cracked version and you cant get a skin and maybe a virus will eat your pc
You can actually set your skin.. also i dont think it has virus seems normal to me no lag ..
But yeah you cant play servers like hypixel
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