Monthly Map Migration Concept


Mar 30, 2021
hi all, so i've been playing the game on and off and i seem to get about 30 minutes in before i become board and decide to go play something else or tend to other irl things.

i've noticed today there have been "new maps" on the server, but they're not really new they're just previously used maps which i've not seen before, as some of you might know i am interested in making some maps for the server and so far have the software, but not gotten around to trying anything.

so i cam up with as per usual a few ideas
I'll try and keep things short and sweet

1) make maps 4 rounds instead of 6 rounds

each map operates on number of wins over the course of 6 rounds, each round being about 5 minutes long at most. so this would mean about 30 minutes of game play, however at least myself personally at round 4 start to become board with the same map, especially maps which are very short where you climb up a building, run across a log and have to deff, sometimes its good to try and rack up some kills for zms.

so my thinking is to change from 6 rounds per map down to 4 rounds per map.

2) map like system
this next one is easy, find a way of through the forums, discord or in game to vote on a map you like

similar to how get the option to choose weapons at the start of a map, perhaps an option can come up saying "do you like this map?"
1. yes
2. no

and that's it

this way the owners can better determin which maps people like and what to put in the rotation which links into my next and main idea

3) map migration
so some of you might be aware of the game pokemon GO, in this there are regional exclusive pokemon, these regional exclusives migrate to a different region every 3 months.

so what my thinking is, do something similar with the maps here on ZE. i've noticed that unless players get really bored and start grumbling about the same maps, the maps won't change.

given that we loose our account data if we don't log in for 30 days, why not use that to help people come back.

on a set day of the month there is a "map change over day" where the maps change, you could do this every 30 days like the account loss information warning we see when we log in, just make it so some maps are taken out and new ones put in.

my thinking would be if there is say a rotation of 20 maps

you take out the 12 least liked maps and replace them with other ones in which maybe stored up, and repeat this process.
the top few maps will last 2 weeks extra before needing to be changed
this way the least liked maps are changed out faster than the liked ones

this might need some tweeking and organising depending on what the owners want for the server, but i think having a system where you can rate and understand the players favourite maps and such, then anticipate and change the experience for them to keep it new and interesting will be very benefical.

this of course is just based on my own personal preferences and experience. but i thought it might be an interesting idea.

how ultimately its finally managed and decided will be down to the owners.

my thinking is disliked maps get cycled out faster
liked maps stay longer
this way new maps can come in and be fresh for people.

anyway, hope that helps.

kind regards



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Mar 24, 2021
1.You don't lose your data if you sync your account on the forum.

2.Do new maps for ze if you wish to see new maps.We tested many maps and most of them are bugged that's why we don't put new maps.

3.We know what maps people like we don't need to overload the server with useless plugins 😅

4.Is easier to talk but is difficult to make these plugins you're talking about +we are focusing on other things.And is not a good idea to put 4 rounds as a default value.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway :D


Mar 30, 2021
fair enough, i've not been part of any talks about the maps, but i'm also not on the TS so i wasn't aware of any anything about how the maps are processed so i figured i'd throw out some ideas, ya know, just me doing that trying to help thing again, i figured with regular rotation of maps it would keep things fresh for us players and any new bros which came along. just trying to help out

I will get around to doing maps at some point i have no idea how long it takes to make a map, i have to learn entirely from scratch and i have other things in my life such as a job and health issues to deal with, so its very slow progress.