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Nov 13, 2020
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M O N T H L Y ⠀⠀ S P E C I A L ⠀⠀C O M P E T I T I O N

I greet you all for another way to get something, something unreal for some. I believe it is a dream for some to be exceptional on the server. At the moment I give you such an opportunity! So don't waste it.
We always try to do the best of us for you, but unfortunately it sometimes takes time for the right idea to come. So here you have it!

What's going on?
It's simple, and easy. We offer the opportunity to win a skin for one month only for one player.
We chose the skin, so it can't be changed! The skin will only be yours.

How to get to the competition?
Just register for the competition as soon as the time is right! We always specify everything with a separate special registration threads. You also have to be an orderly teammate, helping others without problems.

Here you have preview of what you can look forward to:
Human: Stalker/Nautilus Soldier

Knife: Huntsman Crimson Web
hutsman crimson web.png

You will find out more soon, see you soon and look forward to it.

Good luck to all, goodbye.



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