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Nov 13, 2020
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HOF sub forum was created in honor of great people who were here, or still are here. These people were very important for this community. Some of them are inactive for long time, but they deserve to be mentioned.

Rules and Voting:

Members who may vote must fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Members must be registered on the forum.
  2. All those who have registered on the forum until the beginning of voting.
  3. All who are active on the servers and forum.

Method of voting:

Voting is performed by the following principle:
  1. You can vote for 5 candidates.
  2. In post below, write reasons why you think they should be honored, to be on the HOF list!
All Hall Of Fame members will be awarded medal.

Potential candidates who are on the list shall not be allowed to vote for themselves. Only votes on a certain thread will be valid, and it will be counted. New profiles would not be able to vote. Any violation of rules will result whit a


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